Ronaldo reaches 807 goals and becomes the best scorer in football history


Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo wrote his name in the history books and became the top scorer in professional football after reaching 807 goals after scoring a hat-trick in a 3-2 victory over Tottenham in the English Premier League on Saturday

The title of historical football top scorer throughout the ages is controversial, and the International Federation (FIFA) does not keep an official record, but it estimates the arrival of the Austrian-Czech striker Bikan to 805 goals during the period 1931-1955

Ronaldo scored the first goal at Old Trafford with a rocket kick in the 12th minute, and equaled the record

And this is the 59th time that Ronaldo has scored 3 goals in one match, but it is the first time with United after returning and following his departure in 2008

Ronaldo's goals came with Sporting Lisbon, United, Real Madrid, Juventus and Portugal


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